T1Visions brings your omnichannel strategy to life by blending online, mobile, and physical stores into one cohesive in-store experience. Our interactive inTouch™ Tables, Walls, and Digital Signage are tailored to your brand - serving as a natural extension of your retail environment.

Our proprietary software allows customers to shop your entire store from the touch of their fingertips - reducing shopper exits due to Out-of-Stock merchandise, providing valuable insights into who your customers are and the products that interest them the most, and best of all - driving additional in-store sales. 


  • inTouch™ Retail Table

    Augment in-store experiences with the inTouch Retail Table. Customers can shop directly from the table - providing a unique, personalized experience, while helping retailers to reduce overhead expenses by cutting in-store inventory and providing an additional point of sale.

  • inTouch Retail Table with 4K touchscreen

    The inTouch Retail Table features a stunning 4K UHD touchscreen, integrated card reader, and a scanner that enables customers to check-in - allowing retailers to track their customers' in-store activity and behavior. The tabletop features a continuous pane of glass that can be customized to match the desired color palette of retailers - ensuring brand-friendly integration with existing merchandising.

  • Digicel Interactive inTouch™ Wall

    T1Visions created an interactive 4'x11' inTouch Wall for Digicel's Experience Store in Kingston, Jamaica. The Wall features five 55" screens mounted behind a touch overlay, and is outfitted with multiuser, multitouch custom software that allows customers to check prices for phones, compare models, view and manipulate 3D images of handsets, and find a data plan that meets their specific needs.

  • OneShop™ Retail App

    The OneShop™ Retail App features product search, browse, filter, and view; a personalized Shopping Bag where customers can add / remove items as they shop; a recommendation engine; and POS integration with seamless checkout via credit card or mobile device. 

  • 80

    The 80" Interactive inTouch Wall is designed for multitouch, multiuser, multiapp use. This wall is running the OneShop™ Retail App, where the customer can browse product and purchase directly from the Wall.

  • Comporium inTouch Table

    Comporium's Retail Tables provide sales representatives the tools they need to provide a more personalized experience for customers. Customers are able to take a series of surveys that help them to choose the proper devices and service plans that are suited to their usage habits. 

  • Digicel inTouch Retail Table

    Digicel's Experience Store in Kingston, Jamaica is eqipped with this Retail Table. Customers use the table to browse products and make informed purchase decisions.

  • Interactive inTouch™ Retail Table

    With two embedded screens, this inTouch Retail Table is positioned right in the women's dressing room - allowing women to shop for complementary items to complete their outfit, or place additional items available online in their personal Shopping Bag for purchase. The Tables have proven incredibly effective in driving additional sales, decreasing overhead costs by lowering inventory needs, and reducing the occurence of Out of Stock shopper exits. 

  • 80

    The 80" HD Interactive inTouch™ Wall creates a highly engaging experience for in-store shoppers. This particular Wall is outfitted with the OneShop™ Retail App - allowing customers to browse and search for products, and purchase with credit card or mobile device.

  • Digital Signage at National Retail Chain

    80" Digital Signage at National Retailer's storefront display. T1Visions' Content Management System is incredibly simple and efficient - allowing content managers to update dynamic content for a global audience.